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Open House brings 500+ new friends to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory campus

Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. — Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) welcomed 500+ new friends on June 10, 2017 to share the thrill of scientific discovery. More than 80 CSHL volunteers representing the institution’s scientific research and education expertise in genetics and molecular biology helped explain how their work at CSHL benefits society.

Guests engaged in hands-on experiments, toured laboratories, and interacted one-on-one with CSHL scientists, learning more about DNA, plant biology, cancer research, neuroscience, and quantitative biology. A special program of half-hour science talks covered topics as diverse as mapping the brain with barcodes, demystifying GMOs, meeting Ötzi the iceman and how scientists are attacking metastatic breast cancer with new tools found in the genome’s “dark matter.”

Thanks so much to all our CSHL volunteers. Most importantly, thank you to all who attended! We hope to see you all again soon at future campus events. Please enjoy this photo album from the 2017 CSHL Open House.