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HT Summer 2014

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On the cover:
A special kind of glass slide, known as a "flowcell," is where DNA sequencing happens. DNA is loaded into the vein-like channels etched in the slide's surface. The slide is then inserted into a sequencing machine where genetic information–encoded by the letters A,T,C, and G–is read.


Sequencing drives innovation

Creative applications of DNA sequencing keep CSHL at biology's leading edge

Help the solve the puzzle

One researcher's personal flight against autism

Watson School 2014 Ph.D.s

In the school's 15th year, 11 students earn their Ph.D.s

One experiment

Sometimes our cells express only one gene copy. Why?

Research Profile: Marja Timmermans

A distinguished geneticist is solving age-old mysteries about how plants develop

Got lactase?

At Saturday DNA! lab, kids and parents join forces to explore lactose tolerance


Faculty & Friends

Investigator update: Breast cancer research

Partners of the Future are Intel semifinalists

Kepecs wins McKnight Award

Stillman wins Tabor Research Award

Roy J. Zuckerberg professorship

Mitra recognized by National Science Foundation and IEEE

Father To Son, by James D. Watson

Watson Award established by Hope Funds

Jim Simons elected honorary trustee


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