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Life at CSHL

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is located on the wooded north shore of Long Island, 35 miles east of Manhattan in New York City.  The Laboratory offers many amenities, both cultural and recreational.  There is a fitness room, tennis and volleyball courts, a private beach, kayaks and rowing sculls, the Stillman Outback hiking trail, and many quiet back roads for running or walking.  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory employs more than 1000 people, including 50 research faculty, 160 postdoctoral fellows, 45 Watson School Ph.D. students, 50 visiting Ph.D. students, and, in the summer, 25 Undergraduate Research Program students.

The Laboratory     The main campus of the Laboratory is located on 110 acres on the west shore of Cold Spring Harbor. It comprises more than 40 buildings are devoted to research, education, and residences.  Research laboratories are housed in a range of buildings, from the newly built Hillside campus to the historic Jones Laboratory, dating from 1893 and the oldest laboratory in continuous use. Other labs are located in buildings named after their famous CSHL residents - McClintock, Delbrück, Sambrook, Hershey, Demerec.  For dining, Blackford Hall offers three meals a day and the Hillside Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch. There are coffee bars in both Blackford and Hillside. Blackford Bar opens to the campus community in the evenings. The Mary D. Lindsay Day Care sits on the main campus and is available to all CSHL employees and students. Within five miles of the main campus is the Woodbury Genome Research Center, housing several of CSHL's genomics laboratories and the next-generation sequencing facility. Also nearby are the 50-acre Banbury Center, 12-acre Uplands Farm Agricultural Field Station, and, in the village of Cold Spring Harbor, the Dolan DNA Learning Center

Graduate student housing     The Laboratory provides housing to first-year Watson School graduate students in on-campus housing. Single graduate students are offered single rooms in the recently renovated, 19th-century Knight and Cutting Houses located across the harbor from the Lab. Married students are housed in apartments at CSHL's Uplands Farm. After the first year, students are eligible for subsidies to support their housing costs.

The Townsend Knight House
First year student housing